Property Upgrading Plan

Property Upgrading Plan

tailored upgrading plan according to individual needs and financial resources



Don't let the following questions carry on troubling you !!!

Am I really able to upgrade?

Am I earning enough to afford it?

Is upgrading only for the rich?

Many Singaporeans earning $5k to $7k income, have the above questions in their mind and are not able to find their answer on their own. If you are one of them, contact us and we will able to assist you in formulating your financial planning and Property Portfolio Plan so that you will able to upgrade comfortably and are able to visualize your own investment road map for the next 5 to 10 years.


Can you also be like them to upgrade? 

The Answer is Yes! 

Arrange for an Non Obligation Meet Up, we will share with you as the followin g steps that will change your family and your life:

1) An in-depth explanation and illustrated by figures and facts on whether HDB flat is an Asset or Liability and how to utilize it to your maximum benefit.

2) Using Robo Advisor Program, an newly developed artificial intelligence automated asset progression planning system, we help you to develop and help you to understand the following plans:

* Different types of asset progression plans
* Purchase and payment schemes
* Investment analysis
* Risk Assessment
* New home recommendation

3) Create a property portfolio plan that allow you to accumulate wealth earlier & retire carefree

4) Allow you to understand How to use CPF Effectively and Efficiently and How to Avoid Double Whammy that will hinder your property wealth creation




Case Study 1

  • Mr and Mrs Tan, a young Singaporean couple in their late 20s
  • Thinking to buy Executive condo
  • Combined Household income of $10,800
  • Current Ordinary account of $200,000
  • Parent's support of $50,000 cash

We managed to assist them in purchasing a 3 bedroom Parc Canberra , 1147 sqft at $930,000**


Case study 2

  • Peter and Mary who is staying in HDB 4 room flat in Tampines
  • Think of upgrading to a condo
  • still have Outstanding loan of $100,000 for their flat
  • Combined household income of $12,000
  • Current OA of about $250,000
  • Own saving of $300,000

We Managed to assist them in purchasing in a 3 bedroom at Riverfront Residences, 1065 sqft at $1.32 million



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